Case study

Evaluating Websites

An evaluation of 3 functioning artist websites discussing how well the website communicates to the audience, if the content is relevant to the audience, whether the language is appropriate and if the amount of text communicates the message behind the work and about the artist. Out of respect for the artists that have created the websites I will keep the evaluated websites anonymous.

Website 1-The first website contained very little information about the artist and his work, the information that is included seems very informal and unprofessional. The website includes 2 galleries of images that seem randomly placed/selected with no information or description. The theme chosen seems childish and unprofessional. It is irrelevant to the artist, you can easy to navigate around the website and the different pages are well labeled.

Website 2-The second website was very focused on the sale of artwork, the pages had a good layout and are easy to navigate around. However there was no information about the artist or what their work is about.

Website 3-The third website is very professional and has lots of informations about exhibitions and opportunities for the artist. It also includes lots of information about the artist and the artists work. In some areas the text is hard to read. The image selection gives a great overview of the different works and performances the artist has been involved with.