What is my methodology as an Artist?

Throughout my practice, in any task or body of work, my work goes through many stages of transformation and translation. I start by researching an issue or topic area to give myself knowledge about the topic of interest. I also find it useful at this point to research other artists working with the same themes as my work or Artists that are interested in the same materials or methods as I use.

From this initial research I use rough sketches and photography of the initial interest, I prefer to sketch in different medians (charcoal, ink, biro, pencil,etc). This allows different aspects of the shape and form, i also draw from pieces I have already made, each time getting closer to the basic form of the object. I find this process crucial to my work to bring the depth out of my art work.

From this stage I use the photos and drawings as a research tool to create sculptures and casts. Even as this making stage my work is constantly evolving through the use of multiple materials and different processes. I find that all art pieces could be elaborated further and although i decide on an exhibition piece, I don’t believe a project can be ever be final. There is always room for further exploration and development.