Event planing


In small groups work to devise an event/activity. This event will not take place but will enable me to work on my event planning skills. There is a choice of 3 venues,

  1. The upstairs gallery space Brunswick pub (Pavilion)
  2. Somewhere inside the Merrion centre
  3. First floor gallery space in The Tetley.

The project theme is Recording Britain now society. My groups idea was to invite the public to create work about Britain this could be using any medium or formate. The event will take place in the first floor gallery space in The Tetley. We will have 6 weeks to organise the event and then 1 week in the space.

In the first week we will promote the event through fliers and social media, participants will be asked to email us and give us some information about the piece and how they want it to be displayed. There will be a date set for when the work must be delivered to The Tetley. In the week we have The Tetley gallery space the first 3 days will be dedicated to displaying the work and getting the gallery space ready, the next 3 days will be dedicated to the public experiencing and viewing the exhibition. The final day will be taking down the work and sending it back to the owners and making sure the gallery space is left in the same way as we received it.

This will allow all artists/public to be involved in an exhibition which would be great experience for students and post graduates as well as being a great event to be involved with.