British art show 8

British art show 8

Aim: To consider how the presentation and ‘framing’ of an artwork in the gallery and online supports or detracts from the experience of the work. After walking around the exhibition I chose 2 art works to consider further. The first was a film piece by Mikhail Karikis  Children on unquiet 2013-2014 the second piece again worked with film by Patrick Staff The Foundation 2015.

The Children of unquiet is set in the Devil’s Valley Italy. Where the worlds first geothermal power station is situated. In the 1070s many of the houses where abandoned. The piece is a child ‘take over’ where the children imagine new uses for the industrial village. Together they recreate the sound of bubbling water, the hiss of geysers and the roar of the factory pipes.

The foundation preserves and brings recognition to the late artist Tom of Finland’s work. It explores the relationship between gender, inheritance and cultural memory. The film includes documentary footage with interviews and experimental dance.

Both pieces where separate to others around them and could be viewed in a viewing room with large cinema screens. The Children of unquiet had 2 small benches to view the film whereas foundation had 2 rolled up pieces of carpet to sit on, both film rooms had very little space to sit which made some people leave before experiencing the whole film. I feel that if the artist had considered the seating aspect other visitors would have spent more time experiencing the artworks. I found that in both pieces the text labels where very informative and aided the understanding of the film instalation