Website reflection.

As well as my blog I also have a WordPress website ( Here I am going to reflect on the effectiveness of my website and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the format and the content. The current theme I am using is Sketch. The title of the page is my name, this is the first thing you see as you open the page, it is clear and bold the font I have chosen is spaced out and in block capitals. You also see the header image this is a banner straight across the top of the web page, I have selected 3 images for this to display a range of my work. At this stage there is also a menu icon, this drops down and gives more options to easily navigate around the webpage. As you travel down the page you see the artist statement which again has a clear font that the audience can read clearly. Down the side of my webpage there is a search bar and images of my work to give the reader a small insight into the work I make. Under each images there is a small amount of information describing the piece and materials. On my ‘Art work’ page I have displayed different series of work. You can click on the icon image and continue to further images from the series, with each image I have also included small descriptions. On the third page I have included all my contact information including links to my Facebook page and blog. However using this format would not allow the images to run in a slideshow. Which means the viewer must look through each individual image series. I think my image selection represents my work very well, the images are professional and some have been taken in an infinity curve, others where taken during exhibitions and assessments. With each of my images I have included clear and precise information about the piece and the materials used. My artist statement gives an overview of my working process including the transformations my work goes through, the techniques and materials I use in the making stage and artists that interest me. I also disguise the topics I am interested in and the reasons I make work. All my content is formal and clear. I want to give the reader enough information to understand my work without overloading them with too much information. I also tried to keep the language understandable without including words or phrases that the general public would not understand. My target audience is other people with in the art world as well as friends and family. I shared my website on my personal Facebook page as well as my art page. I have also asked friends and family to promote my website. To develop my website further I would update my page regularly to promote current and up to date work.