Creative writing and visual arts project.

In groups we where given a scenario and asked to create a break down of a workshop that we would be running. The task was that we where going to apply for the role of running a creative writing and visual arts project that would be something that could be continued within the community.

We where asked to identify key parts of the job description and then be more specific in creating an application with the idea of what could be done during the workshops.

Job description

  • Creative writing and visual arts project
  • working with 4 libraries in North West Leicester
  • Aim: to attract new users and develop into creative hubs
  • Limited space inside libraries but possibilities to work elsewhere i.e. school halls.
  • 8 half day sessions per library
  • Time scale
    • November 2015-March 2016
    • June-october 2016
  • Project will end with displays in the libraries
  • collaborative applications welcome.

My application

I have had experience working within primary schools. Working with several groups to fulfil tasks. I also work with my local Beaver colony which involves me working with the same group of children each week on a variety of tasks, including sports, creative crafts, baking, games and story telling. I feel that my experience with younger children would enable me to encourage school children to become better users of the libraries. My experience will also help with communication, working within a team and planning the event.

My event idea is to have set topics that the participants can choose from i.e. Pirate adventure, working in a circus etc. The participants will then be asked to write a short story about their chosen subject. The children will then be asked to create a scene from their story which will act as a platform to engage the audience, they will then display this scene while reading their short story. This will take 2 afternoon sessions which allows 4 groups to be included per library, in total 16 groups will be involved. Parents will also be invited during the presentations. During this time i will prompt the libraries to talk about the uses of the library and i will also offer games for the participants to be involved with.


The Tetley

The Tetley house opened in 2013 as a centre of contemporary art. It has 4 floors dedicated purely to gallery spaces. The Tetley works with new artists; sometimes from graduation to develop and create new art work to be displayed within The Tetley gallery space. In some cases The Tetley organises collaborations with other artists and guest curators. To date they have developed and produced 20 projects.

Below i will add the link to The Tetley website-

The Ecology of the art world.

Having an understanding of the Ecology if the art world is important to understand. As an artist it is important to promote your art work and build relationships with galleries. It is also important to do fort her research into other opportunities artists can be involved in such as art fairs, public art commissioning and art festivals.

As an artist you may not have a regular income so it may be important to supplement this with a part time job, public and private funding or sales of work. It is important to be paid for the work you produce taking into account time spent in producing the work. Below i will add links you may find interesting:


Jenny Saville

This week I have been researching into Jenny Savilles early work.I am very interested in the fleshy female forms she creates. I am also fascinated by the scale she uses, In my opinion I think the scale of her work is what has the main impact on the audience. Saville uses memories from her childhood as inspiration for using the obese figures. To create her work she uses a combination of surgical imagery, photography of her own body and of her friends. She also uses mirrors to distort the body and change the angle the audience sees.

Jessica Wilkinson Artist Statement

Jessica Wilkinson is a practising Fine Artist working in Leeds, currently specialising in sculptural practice. Her work has clear connections with the female body and form, playing with scale, materials, mediums and experimentation. Her ideas consider the body as a constantly changing state with the ability to adapt and grow in different physical situations. She links her work to manipulation of skin and continues themes of ‘the ideal beauty’ throughout her work. Development of her work goes through a number of processes before the final piece can be exhibited, drawing and remaking art pieces gives more depth to her work, she also enjoys casting in different materials to create contrasting states of her work. The materiality of her work is very important to create an emotional response with the audience. Her considered selection of materials/objects act as visual cues to the viewers memories and associations, provoking required emotional responses. She has a particular interest in plaster casting and liquid latex creating a conversation between materials and concept. Her current interest is surgical procedures, stretching of the skin and stretch marks. With clear links to feminist thinking she wants to bring light onto individual beauty and help eliminate the male proposed ‘ideal universal beauty’. She uses medical text books and the internet as research tools into medical procedures and plastic surgery as well as using primary photography of flesh, skin and stretch marks to create multi-medium pieces.

Writing for your Website

Today in groups of 4-6 we watched videos about artists talking about their practice. I picked out important words and phrases the artist used to talk about themselves and their work. After this process we wrote an Artist statement the artist could use. This gave me experience writing statements, working in a group allowed us the opportunity to get others prospectives on what to include and what maybe is not relevant